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Safety Tips > Driving in Rainy Conditions

Some Reminders When You Are On The Road In The Rain.

Sure it sprinkles close to every day in Hawaii, but when it starts to downpour, conditions can change quickly. Here are a few tips to consider before getting behind the wheel in the rain.

~ First, maintain your car by keeping your brakes in good condition, tire pressure is accurate, windshield wipers are functioning and effective, defroster works properly, and tire tread depth is ample.

~ Always drive with your headlights on. Visibility is key when it is raining hard, so keep those lights on!

~ Plan ahead and allow for more travel time. This means leaving a few minutes early so you can drive with more caution along the way.

~ Increase the stopping distance between you and the vehicle in front of you, especially when following trucks and busses. Brake earlier and with less force than you normally would.

~ Watch out for large puddles and try to drive towards the center of the road to avoid pooled water along the road's edge.

~ After you go through a puddle, tap your brakes lightly to expel the water from the rotors.

~ Defog your windows so you have a clear view of your surroundings.

~ If you start to hydroplane, don't hit the brakes or turn the wheel. Ease up on the gas pedal slowly and hold the wheel straight until you regain traction on the road.

~ Watch out for pedestrians! Individuals on the road//sidewalk may become distracted with umbrellas, etc. and not be aware of vehicles, so keep a keen eye out.

~ Gather an emergency kit to keep in your car which includes first aid items, rope, and jumper cables. 

                                          BE SAFE OUT THERE!